The Google OnHub is a really neat router that might not be worth $200 right now, but it's got tons of potential. Of course, you haven't even been able to consider buying the OnHub since it came out—it sold out immediately. Now it's back on Amazon, and it's a few bucks cheaper.

For the low, low price of $195.72 you get the blue OnHub with Prime shipping. The much more rare black OnHub is listed as well, but the seller wants $337 for that one (lolno). The Google Store is still sold out, so this is your only option if you want to get on the OnHub hype train before Google starts turning on all the neat radios inside.

2015-09-16 19_42_49-Store

As an update, I decided to keep my OnHub after the review, and Artem has opted to move completely into the OnHub as his main router. He has 54 devices connected to it, which is a testament to the OnHub's abilities, I think.