Apple is, you might say, ever so slightly hesitant to support competing platforms. It took the company years (and the promise of a greater market for the iPod) to support Windows for its massive iTunes program, and some of the more professional tools have never appeared on anything except Apple hardware. Today is a banner day, then, because Apple has released its first ever Android app. It's pretty much exactly what you were expecting.

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Apple announced the Move to iOS app way back in June, but it's taken them this long to get it on the Play Store. (Maybe they had to wait for approval.) Like similar apps from a variety of manufacturers, including Microsoft, Samsung, and Motorola, the app is designed to allow you to transfer contacts, SMS history, bookmarks, photos, and account information to the company's hardware, in this case an iPhone or iPad. It won't transfer apps, of course, and both devices need to be connected to a secure Wi-Fi network.

The description is surprisingly light on the condescending Apple ad copy we're all familiar with... so it's a good thing that Android users are more than willing to provide their own in the reviews section. (Some of those might not be 100% true, by the way.)


Move to iOS works on Android devices running 4.0 or later, and it's a free download.

Move to iOS
Move to iOS
Developer: Apple Inc.
Price: Free