Primer by Google (formerly listed in the Play Store as Primer: Marketing for Startups) is a simple little Android app that helps small business owners get their company off the ground and in the public eye. Users view a number of brief, bite-sized lessons and walk away with a general understanding of what they need to do. That's the idea, anyway.

Version 2.0 makes Primer a more useful resource. After adjusting to the slightly updated interface, users will find new lessons rolled out every week that cover topics ranging from buying ads to constructing a brand's message. Lessons will end with short activities that aim to personalize material to fit each user.

Marketing students will be able to save lessons to their profile and send content they enjoyed most to other users they may know.

The app is already live in the Play Store, so feel free to hit the download button underneath the changelog below.

What's New:

  • New Lessons Every Week: We’ll cover a wider variety of marketing topics, from basic to advanced. That includes lessons about storytelling, ad buying, measurement, SEO and more.
  • Personalized Next-Steps: Every lesson ends with a short activity that gives you a customized starting point.
  • Bookmarking and Sharing: Save content to your profile or send it to someone else who might find it useful.
  • Choose Your Path: Take our lessons in any order you want.

Google Primer
Google Primer
Developer: Google Learn Apps
Price: Free