Wireless charging. It's like charging, but without wires. I didn't understand why it was such a big deal when the first devices came out with Qi charging compatibility. I mean, is it really that hard to plug in a cable to the bottom of your phone? Nah, it really isn't, but man, once you have had a device with wireless charging, it's hard to go back to one without it. It's just so incredibly convenient. Even more convenient than this.

The problem is, good quality wireless chargers are pretty pricey and I think of them as more of a luxury than a necessity. You can pick up a decent USB wall charger for 6-10 bucks, but a nice Qi charger is $15-25 (plus you still need a USB wall charger to power the thing). At least they are normally, but not today. Right now you can buy an Anker Qi Wireless charger for just $11.99 on Amazon. At that price I can finally justify picking up a couple more to set up around the house.

Image 2

The little hockey puck shaped plate has a couple of nice features. It sports a LED that is red when in standby, blue when charging, and red and blue when your device is fully juiced. It also comes equipped with a temperature gauge that shuts off charging when the temperature exceeds 107 degrees Fahrenheit. That's good, because house fires make for bad product reviews.

Speaking of reviews, they are generally pretty good, with an overall score of 4.3 on Amazon. A few people complain of slow charge speeds and excessive warming, but I suspect that a lot of that has to do with the wall charger people are connecting to the puck. Oh, yeah, that's the other thing. The device comes with a MicroUSB cable, but you will need to supply your own power source. Anker recommends a 2A unit like this one.

If you found this article while doing a web search for real hockey pucks, don't worry, I won't send you away empty handed. Here is a link to one on Amazon. $3.99 seems like a good price for such a nice heavy chunk of vulcanized rubber you can triple deke with. However, I don't think it works well for charging phones.