As we all know, computer interfaces in the distant future will consist of small sections of text alongside unchanging blocks of lavender, orange, and pink. You don't need to wait any longer, though. The LCARS Android Wear Watch Face is here, and it's free. You might recall a different LCARS watch face last year, but that one was unpublished and this one is better anyway.

For the uninitiated, LCARS is the name given to the distinctive UI created for Star Trek: The Next Generation and carried on through the subsequent TV series and films. Despite looking not quite as futuristic as it might have in 1989, LCARS still has a fun vibe. Plus, Star Trek nostalgia.

That previous LCARS watch face didn't have any customizable settings or a 12 hour mode, but this one has it all. You can do 12/24 hour modes, square/round layouts, date formats, indicators, and more. It also has support for interactive touch events that toggle the format of various UI elements. I don't know if that's particularly useful, but it's a thing.

The app was not found in the store. :-(