The Motorola Connect app isn't required to use a Moto 360, but it's what you need to install in order to tweak some of the device's default watch faces.

The latest update adds four more to the list, along with the ability to change the color of the smartwatch's charging screen from the default blue. There are five to choose from altogether: blue, red, green, purple, and yellow.

Screenshot_2015-09-14-13-37-50 Screenshot_2015-09-14-13-38-08

You don't have to fire up Motorola Connect to change the color. A faster way is to simply swipe down on the Moto 360 while it's charging.

Okay, back to those new watch faces. These are Dials, Dials II, Essential, and Refined. Dials can display three types of information alongside the time, and you have the option to select which ones. Options include (but are not limited to) battery life, calories burned, heart activity, steps taken, and the weather.

This functionality is all available on the original Moto 360, which is nice to see considering the newer model is on its way.

Motorola Connect
Motorola Connect
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