I remember being 6 or 7 years old and anxiously waiting for my cousins to visit us so I could take my shiny Nintendo NES console from its box, hook it to our 14" Sony TV, and play with them a few rounds of Super Mario Bros or Contra. I don't think we ever got past the third or fourth world on one run, but we did use the secret warp pipes to move to later worlds.

Apparently, Super Mario Bros was released the same year that I was (ha!) in 1985, and it celebrated its 30th birthday yesterday, September 13. To wit Google has decided to give all of us a nostalgic easter egg when performing a search for "Super Mario Bros." Whether it's from a mobile or your desktop browser, you'll see a knowledge graph card donned with Mario's signature question mark brick. Knock it and prepare to pipe travel 30 years in the past, to a land of magical flowers, stars, and mushrooms (not that kind). Persist enough and you'll hear another bonus sound at the hundredth tap. Score!

Here's a video shot by our tipster showing the easter egg in action on his phone. But trust me, you really want to do it yourself.

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  • Hugo Moreira