NVIDIA's customer service department has had a tough time of it recently. After a massive recall of last year's SHIELD Tablet for faulty batteries that posed a possible fire hazard, it's come to light that some SHIELD Android TV units will also need to be recalled. Luckily, this one isn't quite so widespread: the recall only affects the SHIELD Pro model (the one with the 500GB conventional hard drive), and even then, only a small portion of units seem to be affected. Also there's almost no chance of them exploding, which is a good thing.

According to this official post from an NVIDIA Customer Care representative, some SHIELD Pro units have hard drives that are prone to failure, making the system unusable. Users who are seeing the Fastboot menu appear while installing a system update, or who see random errors on the screen and in text, may be affected. Unlike the SHIELD Tablet recall, NVIDIA is not issuing a blanket recall for a wide range of model or serial numbers - if you're seeing the symptoms on your SHIELD Pro, you simply go to this website and ask for a replacement.

NVIDIA will ship you a new SHIELD as soon as they process the paperwork, after which (presumably) you'll have to ship your original unit back to them. The tablet recall was remarkably smooth, so I expect this one to go over well... just back up you game saves, if you can. Oh, and keep your cables. NVIDIA makes the best freakin' MicroUSB cables out there, and when I replaced my tablet they sent a new one and didn't ask for the old one back. See, there's a bright side to everything.