The saga of once-beloved gallery app QuickPic continues as Cheetah Mobile asserts its control over the app. QuickPic is getting its first major update since the acquisition, and it's tempting you with free storage. You want that free storage? Just sign up. What could go wrong?

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The new version of the app will prompt you about the free cloud storage offer, presumably to back up your photos. If you want it, you'll need to create a Cheetah Mobile account. Let's be honest, though. You probably don't want it. The updated app also has some "CM QuickPic" branding in it.

There's a new permission this time too—receive data from internet, which is This allows an app to receive push messages, but we don't know what QuickPic would use this for yet. Maybe it's innocuous and maybe not. We've still got older versions of QuickPic on APK Mirror if you don't like where this is going.