Guys, being a parent can be expensive. But if you know where to shop, it doesn't have to be so expensive. In fact, if you look in just the right places, you can actually save yourself a ton of money. Now, I know what you're thinking: but I already save money by shopping online; that's no secret.

While that's definitely not wrong, it's also not the full story - there are so many resources out there, it's hard to know all of them...which means you could be missing out on some of the best deals out there. Today I want to tell you about a new app that's actually made just for parents and designed to save money on all kinds of stuff that you're already going to buy anyway. It's called PatPat, and I'm actually really impressed with everything it has to offer right out of the gate.

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The idea behind the app is simple: save money. It's laid out in a way that makes sense (and something you're probably already familiar with), offering options for the newest deals right from the get-go. There are also pages for upcoming buys - one of my personal favorite features, as it lets users know what to expect and get excited for - along with last chance offers, where things are going for crazy-good prices.

Most of the stuff in the app can be grabbed for up to 90% off, saving a fairly significant amount of change on the deal. And if you use the promo code POLI35, you can score an extra 35% and $5 off the first order. That leads to some really awesome deals, like a wet-bag for just $0.64. Sixty-four cents. That's crazy.


From there the breakdown gets a little more granular: diapers, Halloween (which I can only assume is a seasonal tab), kids fashion, women's gear, toys, and essentials are some of the other categories you're able to choose from.

Since the navigation is so simple, jumping from category to category to find good deals is incredibly easy with PatPat, not only saving you money, but also time. With kids, saving time is crucial, and you'd be hard-pressed to find a quicker way to save some change than PatPat. It's really a win-win.

Every PatPat customer also gets their own unique referral code. You probably know what that means: even more ways to save money. The system is pretty straight-forward: you get friends and family to join using your promo code, and they'll get $5 off their first order. You'll also get a five spot to spend for each person who joins with your code, which could potentially net you some extra savings if you know enough people who like free money.

Speaking of free, who wants some free stuff? You do? Good news: PatPat does a daily freebie, where users can get free, high quality mom and baby products every day. Naturally, these freebies are limited, so you'll have to jump into the app early every morning (6AM PT, to be exact). But you know what they say: the early parent catches the free stuff...or something like that.


Anyway, PatPat is of course a free download from Google Play, and it's also available on the App Store for iOS devices if you play on that side of the fence (it's even in the top three new apps in the App Store). No judgement here - grab it for either platform below.

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