If you've got a Sony Smartwatch 3, then you probably already know about this issue: the watch gets hot, and the battery plummets. If you happen to not notice that the watch is in fact overheating, then the battery can easily go dead within a couple of hours, which is ridiculously annoying. As an owner of said smartwatch, I hate that some days I can hit the bed with 68% of my watch's battery life left, and others it's at 13% before 2:00PM.

Here's the thing, though: Google and Sony both know about this issue. It's been well documented in Google's Product Forums, and a Sony employee even posted on XDA with "possible fixes" for the drain issue, noting that Sony was looking into it.

But most of that activity was back in mid-June. And still no fix.

C'mon guys, it's been like two and a half months, and still nothing? That's not cool. Users bought this watch, and I know most of us love it when it's not acting like a complete asshole. This is a real issue. A real annoying issue.

It looks like the fix may be as simple as flashing a custom kernel, and that seems to be a fairly straightforward process, but still. Like so many others, this isn't an issue that users should be forced to fix themselves. Nay, Google and/or Sony need to step up and do what they said they were doing in the first place and issue an update. If it's a simple as a kernel tweak, then why can't we get that in an OTA?

Maybe it's time to start pounding some doors to find out.

Thanks, Ryan!