Did you see that white box floating across the Atlantic ocean? That was a SmartThings Hub. You can now purchase one in the UK and Ireland.

Okay, maybe that's not entirely what crossing the pond means, but the end result is the same. Actually, it's better, because you won't have to leave your device out to dry before powering it on. Not to mention the damage salt water can do to electronics.

In addition to the Hub, a SmartThings Starter Kit priced at £199 (£100 more than the Hub by itself) is available today at Currys PC World. It contains a Hub, power outlet, and several sensors (including motion and presence). You can also buy one from Samsung.com.


This is the second generation model that recently launched, so you're in for better local functionality and an enhanced app compared to the experience owners have had in the US and Canada before now.

SmartThings Classic
SmartThings Classic
Price: Free