Now that Niantic Labs has left Google behind, we've all been wondering what its next big game will be. Ingress has managed more than 12 million downloads, but dare I say the just announced Pokémon GO will have even more. This game (coming in 2016) will have a similar augmented reality premise to Ingress, but instead of capturing portals you're capturing Pokémon.

The announcement video doesn't give us much to go on with regard to the game itself. It's mostly really excited people hunting for Pokémon in the real world while not looking at their phones. I think it's safe to say the real game will not make Pokémon literally appear in front of you. Maybe you'll use the camera viewfinder to "see" them cavorting around your neighborhood, though.


The Pokémon Company is also making an accessory for the game called the Pokémon GO Plus. It's a wristband that alerts you to in-game events like nearby Pokémon by vibrating and flashing an LED. The button also performs simple in-game actions so you don't need to get your phone out. It seems supremely unnecessary. Pokémon GO will be free to download when it comes out next year (Android and iPhone), but there will be in-app purchases of some sort.