Play Newsstand is one of those apps that I really like, but I don't find myself launching nearly as often as I probably "should." Not sure why, but I really only use it for magazines, and I often forget that it even does the news thing. Oops.

Now, however, I have a new reason to tap that little blue icon: Google added support for scores and news about athletic teams. Seeing as how I'm a die-hard Chicago Bulls fan, I love the idea of having access to something aside from Bleacher Report's Team Stream app to get all the latest on what's happening with my boys in the windy city. Gah, I can't wait for basketball season.

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NBA teams aren't the only addition here, of course - there's also support for NFL, NHL, and MLB teams, and Google states in the changelog that more sports and leagues will be coming soon.


- Sports Scores: Get scores and articles about your favorite NFL, NBA, NHL and MLB teams (more sports and leagues to come). Search and subscribe to your favorite team to get started.
- Bug fixes and performance improvements

To get started, you need only search the app for your favorite team(s). From there, you can subscribe to that particular feed or just browse through to see if there's anything compelling there in the first place.

To make things even easier, I added a link to the Bulls feed right on my homescreen, a feature that was added in the 3.4 update. Sweet.

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