After launching in Japan earlier this month, Netflix is set to expand its Asian presence in early 2016 by adding 4 countries to its availability map. If you live in South Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong, or Taiwan, you'll be happy to know that the video streaming service is coming to your neck of the woods (or rainforest) next year. At least you'll no longer be forced to VPN your way to the US to get Netflix working.

This expansion is part of the company's plan to reach more countries and more potential customers worldwide as quickly as possible. Italy, Portugal, and Spain are getting the service next month, and you can guess that more countries will be joining in later on. With the ubiquity of fast and reliable internet connections and connected devices, Netflix wants to be at the forefront of on-demand streaming in as many markets as possible.

Specific pricing for each country wasn't announced, but the company expects to deploy its movies and TV series in high-definition and Ultra HD 4K to the 4 markets, so you should expect a few different tiers based on the number of devices supported and the quality of the stream, as is the case in the US.