Two-factor authentication is a good way to protect your Internet accounts from the bad guys. Rather than relying solely on a password, you require an additional code sent to your phone via a text message or app. Google offers this to secure your email account, and Blizzard does the same. And it's smart—you didn't spend all of your teenage and young adult years playing World of Warcraft just to watch someone screw around with your character.

The Authentication app has been available for a while, but it was hardly pretty. Sure, it's just an authentication app, which even Google feels isn't important enough to bring into the modern era. But hey, users are nerds, and nerds tend to be picky about these things.

Fortunately Version 2.0 is ready to make your Lollipop device proud. Take a look at these before and after Play Store screens.

Battlenet4 Battlenet3


Battlenet1 Battlenet2


Has the previous version's ugliness kept you from applying this extra bit of security to your account? Well, here's the link to the Play Store. Better late than never.