Pandora has been around for a decade, and they're celebrating with a new way for you to pay them money. Yay? But really, the new One Day Pass feature might have its uses. This option is enabled by Pandora v6.4 (probably), but there's still a server-side switch that won't be thrown until September 10th.

As the name suggests, the $0.99 One Day Pass gets you 24 hours of ad-free music streaming. That's separate from the $5 monthly subscription to Pandora. You might use the One Day Pass if you're going on a road trip or having a party, but you don't use Pandora enough of the time to need a monthly plan.

To promote the new feature and celebrate its 10-year anniversary, Pandora is having "Listener Love Day" on September 9th. Everyone will get ad-free music on that day, but on September 10th you'll have to pay for it again. That's when the One Day Pass plan will be switched on as well. You can grab Pandora v6.4 on APK Mirror, but it doesn't seem to do anything different just yet. The uploader's notes also claim it has Android Auto support, but we aren't seeing that either. We'll keep an eye out.