Every major version renaming of Android brings with it a series of new graphics and designs to enjoy that are interspersed across the interface. One of these is the USB Debug icon that shows up in the notification bar. Traditionally it has followed the naming of the version, but with two eyes and two antennae, so on Android 5.0 and 5.1, we had a mutant lollipop-insect icon, and over the previous versions we've seen all kinds of desserts become droid-like creatures.

When Android M's previews were released, the icon was a simple M graphic akin to the M logo but in plain white, because we didn't know what the dessert name would be. Now that Marshmallow is officially confirmed, signs of the new 6.0 debug icon are starting to pop up in a few places online, like the one spotted by Myce, or the higher resolution icon that adorns this post.

It's a white blob, essentially, made to look like an Android. I think it's closer to a maki than a marshmallow, but who am I to judge?