Google is done shrugging off its easter egg in Android M. While the Preview releases show a string of ¯\\_(ツ)_/¯ after tapping the Android version number repeatedly in settings, the official Marshmallow release will have an honest-to-God easter egg. Here is a look at it in the screenshot below.


Yes, it looks like Flappy Bird's mechanics are back again as the recipe for Marshmallow's hidden gem. You'll try to save your green Android from deathly contact with those monstrous Androidified marshmallows, only to see it fall to its inevitable doom at their hands. That green robot learned nothing from its thousands of deaths trying to squeeze between lollipops, it still wants to tempt its luck with the 'mallows. Maybe it thinks their fluffier squishier nature will be easier to bypass. You damn foo', go back to dessert showcases or flinging jelly beans!

There also appears to be a new and higher resolution Android M logo to go with this easter egg. Say goodbye to the orange M and hello to a new magenta / pink icon with the same shadowy Material effects. It's up there at the top of the post.

Alternate title: [Loony Droid] Suicidal Robot Rides Its Sugar Rush Through Killer Marshmallows, Dies Inevitably Of Dessert Overload