Google Express is one of those services that sound awesome on paper, but many of us still don't really know because it's only available in seven major metros that you could probably guess. Except now it isn't. Now it's also available in six states spread across the Midwest: Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Ohio, and Wisconsin.

Google brought Express to Chicago roughly a year ago. Now the company is expanding the reach out to the surrounding area. It says this should open up the service to 25 million more people. Unfortunately, while Indianapolis and Milwaukee make the list, the cities of Cincinnati, Cleveland, and Detroit do not. So little of Iowa is included that we might as well not count it.

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If you have no idea what Google Express is, I wouldn't blame you. It's a great coping mechanism when you know Google's experiment won't make it your way for years, if ever.

Here's the gist. Express lets you order same-day or overnight delivery from the likes of Barnes & Noble, Costco, Kohl's, PetSmart, Toys "R" Us, Walgreens, and a number of other department stores. It's like shopping online anywhere else, only faster. Midwesterners, enjoy.