MicroSD cards are about to make a big impact on Android, so now's a good time to stock up on some high-capacity storage. How fortunate, then, that Amazon's Gold Box daily deal portal is once again selling them on the cheap. The brand of choice today is SanDisk, and Amazon isn't holding back: top-of-the-line cards are available at huge discounts, from 32GB all the way up to the new 200GB option. Toss that sucker into your phone and you'll have more flash storage than some of the old hard drive-based MP3 players from the 2000s.

For my money, the 128GB card is the best bang for the buck. All of them are Class 10 cards, plenty speedy for swapping into a DSLR camera and taking photos or video. Here are the deals:

Gold Box also has some MicroUSB-equipped, OTG-compatible flash drives on discount. The 32GB version is available for $11 ($9 off) and the 64GB version is $19 ($19 off). Both of them are equipped with USB 3.0 connections, at least on the full-sized end. There are also standard flash drives, SSD drives, and full-sized SD cards on sale. All of them qualify for Amazon Prime shipping, and all of them will go back to their regular prices tomorrow (unless the stock runs out first).