It was starting to look like Google was going to skip another month of dashboard updates, but the platform distribution numbers have just been posted. No surprise, Lollipop continues to grow, just in time for Marshmallow to start rolling out. KitKat is still the largest piece of the pie, though.

The two versions of Lollipop now have a combined 21% of the market. That's a sizable jump for 5.1 this month (2.5%) as OEMs have started pushing out updates, possibly in the wake of the Stagefright bug. Jelly Bean and KitKat still account for nearly two-thirds of Android devices at this time. I suspect we'll be seeing KitKat for a long time to come too. A lot of those phones are running MediaTek chips that make the 5.0 update tricky.

Down at the bottom of the list, we still have 0.2% Froyo devices, as well as a bit of Gingerbread and ICS. I don't know how this is still a thing. These only lost fractions of a percent. In fact, no previous version number by itself lost a full percent. It's taken Lollipop a long time to gain even this much ground, and it might start to go down as Marshmallow begins hitting Nexus devices soon.