It's a holiday here in the US, and that means there are plenty of things on sale in real life and on the internet. It also means that most people are doing things that don't include staring at a screen all day. Bloggers are not most people, though. So here we are with some app and game sales.

Featured Deal

The app and game sales roundup is brought to you by the Keedox USB 3.0 4-port hub, which is on sale for $33.99. In addition to the four USB data ports, there are two dedicated 1A charging ports and a single 2.4A charging port. Just plug it into your computer's USB 3.0 port and you're all set.

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Home Design 3D: $0.99 from $6.99

Premium License for PICASATOOL: $4.99 from $6.99

Space Weather App: $0.99 from $1.99

DigiCal+ Calendar: $2.50 from $4.95

Wave: $0.99 from $1.49


Out There: Ω Edition: $1.99 from $4.99

QuestLord: $0.99 from $1.99

Doodle Devil HD: $0.99 from $1.99

Knights of Pen & Paper +1: $1.99 from $2.99

Knights of Pen & Paper 2: $2.99 from $4.99

Battlestation: Harbinger: $1.99 from $3.99

Lightbot: $0.99 from $2.99

Rebuild: $0.99 from $2.99

Dragon Fantasy 8-bit RPG: $3.99 from $7.99

Table Tennis Touch: $0.99 from $3.99

Dummy Defense: $0.99 from $1.99

SimplePhysics: $0.99 from $1.99

SimplePlanes: $0.99 from $4.99

SimpleRockets: $0.99 from $2.99