Deal hunters, get an early start on this one. Amazon's US store has slashed the unlocked Nexus 6 price by another $150 (in addition to the $150 price cut a few months ago). That means a full $300 off of both models: the standard 32GB version is now $349.99, and the 64GB version is $399.99. This is a fantastic deal on an unlocked phone, and one that still keeps up with most of the 2015 flagships. Get your order in quickly, because at this price stock is going to disappear very soon.

Remember, the US version of the Nexus 6 works with all four major carriers (including Sprint and Verizon), most GSM MVNO carriers, and Google's own Fi. Both the blue and white versions get the discount at both capacities, and shipping is free. Amazon Prime members get upgraded to two-day shipping as well. Note that carrier versions of the N6 are not discounted. Here are some handy direct links to all four variants:

There isn't any promotional material on the Amazon page, so we don't know how long this price will stick around. It's possible that Amazon is simply cleaning house in preparation for two new Nexus phones, but even so, prices are unlikely to remain this low for long. We'll be keeping an eye out to see if the Google Store, Motorola's online store, or other retailers follow this weekend. If you see a similar discount on any of Amazon's international stores, let us know in the comments.