The WordPress developers have bumped the Android app up to version 4.4, introducing a number of visual tweaks in the process. Some of them are better for phones than they are for tablets. Whether they're an improvement is for you to judge.

For starters, the page and post list page has changed from two panels into a list of floating titles. You can see the headline, a few lines of text, and a featured image. Edit, Preview, Stats, and Trash options line the bottom.

This change results in less information displayed on tablets in landscape mode than we saw in previous versions. The new look, however, is arguably more aesthetically pleasing on phones.

When you click on a post preview, WordPress provides you with a clean overview of what you've put together. An edit button in the top right corner lets you dive in to make changes.


Other changes include a new two-panel view for the stats page and a yellow bar that appears when the app has disconnected from your site. Here's the changelog.

What's New:

  • Page lists, post lists, and post previews have a clean new design that puts editing options a tap away.
  • Stats have an efficient — and beautiful — two-page layout on tablets. See more of your stats at once!
  • A jaunty yellow bar displays on the app’s main page to alert you if the app is disconnected.
  • We’ve also made various bug fixes, including layout adjustments, network error alerts, and improved crash handling.

Developer: Automattic, Inc
Price: Free