If you're like me, then there are at least 2-3 apps that find a new home on your phone every week, because they just seem cool. These apps start piling up after a while and eating away at your battery and RAM in the background, even when you're not actively using them. Greenify solves this issue by hibernating selected apps when they're not in the foreground, essentially stopping all of their processes until you launch them again. And now the app has received a nice update that makes it even better.

Version 2.7 adds experimental Android 6.0 support so you can use the app if you've flashed Marshmallow Preview 3 on your device. It also fixes several issues and improves functionality when it comes to hibernation. For example, foreground apps should no longer hibernate no matter what they're set as, and auto-hibernation (if you're not rooted) should dim the screen instead of flicking it. Here's the full changelog with the detailed list of modifications:


*NEW* Experimental support for Android 6.0, with new "Shallow Hibernation" engine.
Auto-hibernation in non-root mode now dims the screen, no more annoying screen flicking.
"Hibernate and Lock Screen" shortcut is now compatible with Smart Lock (root only).
Foreground app no longer hibernates even if "state always ignored".
Native processes are also cleaned in hibernation, to prevent self-awakening.
Fixed app running state detection on Android 5.1.1_r9 & 6.0.
Fixed the "Wake-up" in Tasker plug-in.

Greenify 2.7 is live on the Play Store, but if you want to live on the bleeding edge, you can grab the updated 2.7.1 (192) release from APK Mirror.

Developer: Oasis Feng
Price: Free