Door Kickers is a military-style, real-time, top-down, squad-focused tactical game. If all those hyphens mean nothing to you, imagine it as something like XCOM with a more straightforward interface and a severe lack of aliens. But the difference between more conventional tactical games and Door Kickers is what makes it exciting: the game's 2D interface boils the admittedly niche genre down into its purest elements of placement, timing, and sight lines. It's available for Android tablets (and only tablets) for $5.

The game originally got its start on Steam's Early Access service, where it immediately received rave reviews from both players and media. After a little less than a year it still has an "overwhelmingly positive" rating. The tablet version keeps most of the same elements, which are easy enough to translate from a mouse-based interface to touch. That tap-and-hold access to all of your squad's weapons and moves, which is good, because the game is technically played out in real time and eschews turns or action points, unlike most tactical games. At any point the player can pause the action and give new orders to the SWAT members in the squad, making it easy to orchestrate flanking moves and cover unrevealed terrain.

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Door Kickers includes six campaigns that cover 80 missions, plus a skirmish mode that generates missions randomly. Your SWAT members have access to "over 65 weapons and gear items." It's also just a quarter of the price of the Steam version, and unlike some other high-profile game releases as of late, it's not limited to NVIDIA-powered hardware.

Door Kickers
Door Kickers
Developer: KillHouse Games
Price: $3.99