When you're really good at ping pong, sometimes you start to feel like a ninja. Look at you, swinging that paddle back and forth, cutting through balls with so much force that it's a miracle they keep coming back. If someone took your persona and turned it into a video game, Chillingo's Power Ping Pong would be the result.

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In this game, you're not a ping pong player, you're a Kung Fu fighter laying the smackdown on soft spheres like they invaded your town and violated your family. It doesn't matter if you're a sumo wrestler, a panda, or some guy who got drunk and wandered off the set of Tekken, you're coming to the table looking to slay foes, not win games.


You will ultimately have to settle for winning games. This isn't a blood bath. You will unleash your rage against the CPU in arcade mode or unworthy human opponents in either local or online multiplayer, make it to the top of the leaderboards, and then walk home like the gi wearing, afro sporting badass you always knew you were.

And you will do it for $5. Not a single IAP more.

Power Ping Pong
Power Ping Pong
Developer: Gasp Games Inc.
Price: $4.99