The new Moto X Pure Edition is live in the US with all the usual customization options you get with Motorola's flagship device. You can play around with all the looks right now and put in your order (starting at $399), but the device won't ship until September 17th, according to Motorola's checkout page.


You can customize the front, back, and accent colors of the Moto X. It looks like there are only 10 different plastic colors for the back this year, which is a lot less than last time. Also of note, there's no teak wood option this year. That one has been swapped out for ash, but all the other wood and leather options are still available. The wood and leather all add $25 to the cost of the phone.

Motorola is again sticking with 16GB as the base storage model. It's not quite as egregious as there's a microSD card slot. If you want the 32GB phone, it'll be another $50. The 64GB is $50 on top of that. The new Moto G was sold out pretty quickly, so you might want to hurry.