Asus announced its new ZenWatch 2 at Computex back in May, but not a lot was known about the watch's availability and pricing then. Now the company is ready to unveil the full details of its second-generation Android Wear device at IFA and prepare for its release on the market.

The ZenWatch 2 will come in two sizes in width: 41mm and 37mm. The first has a 1.63" 320x320 screen, runs on a 400mAh battery that lasts about 66 hours on ambient mode, and takes 22mm straps. The second has a smaller 1.45" 280x280 display (which rounds out to about the same ppi as the larger watch), runs on a 300mAh battery that goes up to 57 hours in ambient mode, and takes 18mm straps. Both have a Snapdragon 400, with 512MB of RAM, 4GB of internal storage, Bluetooth 4.1, Wifi, and IP67 water-resistance rating.

ASUS ZenWatch 2_Gunmetal_Metalic ASUS ZenWatch 2_ _Gunmetal_Orange Rubber

Compared to the original ZenWatch, you're looking at a longer battery life, a magnetic Pogo charger, a new crown button to control some features of the watch, WiFi support, and a more robust IP67 rating.

Since this is IFA in Berlin, we're hearing about European availability first, but American sales shouldn't come long after that. The 37mm and 41mm watches will go on sale in October for the very acceptable prices of €149 and €169, respectively. There will be different finish colors to choose from for the watch, as well as 3 strap materials to pick (rubber, leather, steel) in a variety of colors each.