People are apparently interested in the Nextbit Robin smartphone with its cloud-centric features. The Kickstarter campaign has already hit the modest $500,000 goal, so the company is doing a $1 million stretch goal. If the campaign hits that, everyone gets a quick charger included with the phone.

The Nextbit Robin has a USB Type-C port, and neither of the Type-C devices you can get right now have Quick Charge 2.0 included (the ZenPad and OnePlus 2). There won't always be a compatible cable around, so being able to juice it up quickly before you head out would be nice. Although, the battery is only 2680mAh. That might be a problem.

The Robin Kickstarter runs for another 28 days, so I'm sure the $1 million barrier will be broken. Maybe there will be another stretch goal at that point. The phone is expected to ship to backers in February 2016.