Motorola hasn't done a particularly good job of keeping its new Android Wear devices a secret, but today they've made them official. There are now four models to choose from: what you might call the "classic" version, 46mm wide, a new 42mm smaller version that comes in men's and women's variants, and the "sport" model with a silicone band and built-in GPS. All of them ditch Motorola's questionable choice of a Texas Instruments chipset in favor of the Snapdragon 400, which has become the de facto standard for Android Wear watches.


Aside from the new size and the sport model, the changes are few, at least on the outside. The watch now features conventional lugs (the arms that hold the strap on) instead of hiding them under the body, and the power button on the side has moved up to the 2 o'clock position. Other than that, the watch looks very similar to the original, including the "flat tire" screen with a mostly round profile minus the cutout. The women's model is identical to the men's small model, but it has thinner lugs and apparently uses smaller straps for a more delicate look. Underneath the Gorilla Glass 3 screen, the larger Moto 360 has a 400mAh battery (quite large for a watch) and the smaller uses a 300mAh version. Motorola claims a single day's use for the smaller model and up to two days for the larger one.

360sport sport 2

The Sport model is, well, sportier, with a permanent silicone band that wraps all the way around the watch body for extra protection. It also uses an "AnyLight" LCD display that helps with daylight visibility. There's also a button directly opposite the power button to initiate Sport Mode, though exactly what that does isn't clear from Motorola's press materials. The 360 Sport will be available later this year, sometime after the standard versions.

Prices start at $299.99 for the standard model, and go up for more exotic bands and colors. The standard models have interchangeable straps with a quick-release design, so you can always upgrade to a different Motorola band (or third-party band) later. (Interestingly, the cheapest women's model is $329.99, despite having a leather band.)The most expensive model will be $429.99. Pre-orders should be popping up around the web over the next day or so - the Google Store already has men's and women's models for sale, but they won't ship for several weeks. Google says the watches will be available in the US, UK, Canada, and Germany.