Commercials on Hulu getting on your nerves? Now there's a way to skip them, provided you're willing to pay a little more each month. Hulu has announced a commercial-free version of the service that will cost $11.99 per month rather than the usual $7.99.

Hulu launched in 2008 with its free ad-supported service. The paid subscription eventually offered access to considerably more content and video on more platforms, but it still had the ads. Netflix doesn't have ads in any streaming plan, but the standard one does cost a buck more (2 simultaneous HD streams allowed).

So Hulu's ad-free service will be more expensive than Netflix, but it has current seasons of programs. Netflix gets stuff much later, or not at all in some cases. That's the only reason anyone ever put up with Hulu's ads in the first place. Hulu will still be offering the version of its service with commercials, which it says will continue to be "seamless and relevant."