Do you want to pay full price for a phone? Probably not, especially when they're as expensive as Samsung's Galaxy S6 Edge. This is a phone that launched at roughly $800—enough to buy two or four times as many less glossy handsets.

But today you can get the Galaxy S6 Edge for $500 instead, just as long as you're willing to mosey on over to eBay and hit the Buy it Now button. These are new units, though they ship in boxes that have been opened in order to unlock the devices. Note the disclaimer on the page that says phones may have very minor blemishes as a result.

This phone's eBay rate has been dropping relatively quickly. In early July we saw it going for $670. Just over a month later it fell to $550. Now here we are.

These units began their lives as AT&T models, but now they're free to go elsewhere, and thanks to those curved edges, they're basically as pretty as they've always been. Gold is not available, but you still have your choice of black or white as long as you live in Australia, Canada, Germany, the UK, or the US.