We've been waiting for Motorola to announce a timeline for the new Moto X after previously deleting multiple mentions of a September 3rd date. We still don't have a final release date, but you'll be able to give Motorola your money tomorrow, September 2nd. That's when pre-orders go live in the US.

The 2015 Pure Edition is the same device as the Moto X Style in other markets. For some reason Motorola opted to go with "Pure Edition" in the US since we don't officially have the Moto X Play. The actual shipping date wasn't specified, but it can't be far off. At least we'll finally get to play with the new Moto Maker stuff tomorrow.

The Pure Edition will work on any North American carrier, even Sprint and Verizon. It costs $399 for the entry-level version. You can expect to add a little if you want a leather/wood back or more storage.