Two trusted sources have divulged information about an upcoming LG Android Wear smartwatch to us. Unfortunately, we don't have a name, and we don't have any images we can share. But we do have a very good idea what the watch will look like, and I'll do my best to describe it to you. We also know that the device may be announced as early as the end of this month (September). So, here's what we know.

First: the screen is still circular. It's not clear if it's the same size as the G Watch R and Watch Urbane, though. The most immediately recognizable change on this unnamed LG watch coming from the Watch Urbane is the addition of two more buttons on the body. The crown button is still along the X-axis of the face, but about 45 degrees in either direction of that there are now two larger sport watch-style buttons. If you want a visual, I think this image gives you an idea of the basic layout (please note: I am only linking to that for the purpose of the button layout, the watch itself and even the styling of the buttons aren't all that similar). What will these buttons do? That's anybody's guess - we really don't know.

The version we've seen showcases a body that looks to be a mix of brushed and polished metallic silver textures. Compared to the Watch Urbane, the body is more angular and sharp, giving it a slightly futuristic, sporty look. The lugs are still exposed, and there is still a substantial metallic bezel around the circular display. It's possible the bezel is reduced in size compared to the Watch Urbane, but again, we don't have exact measurements or a good sense of scale here to really be able to tell.

The band we've seen appears to be a black silicone or rubber material with the same belt-style clasp / hole system as the leather bands on the Urbane and G Watch R. It's possible it's a highly textured matte leather, though - we can't be certain.

Overall, the aesthetic isn't quite like any other smartwatch we've seen - it's clearly an evolution of the style LG began with the G Watch R and refined on the Urbane, but it looks substantially more modern and even a bit sporty, it's definitely a step in the right direction if you ask me.

We don't know if this new watch will be offered only in the body style described here, or what colors there will be. We also have no information on pricing, but again, we're hearing this thing is probably going to be announced some time around the end of this month (though, as always, plans can change).

Based on what we've seen, though, this new LG watch will probably be LG's first true "second-generation" Wear device (I'd call the original G Watch a "beta" device almost) - the design is clearly benefitting from some refinements, and the added buttons may finally be a sign that Wear devices will be allowed to openly differentiate themselves on form in a more functional way.

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