Back in April, we reported that some users were starting to see a multi-colored Google logo in the search widget on their mobile devices.

With today's rollout of a new logo, and updates of select core Google apps to reflect it, we knew it was only a matter of time until the Google app got updated as well.

new_google_app_8 new_google_app_1 new_google_app_2 new_google_app_3 new_google_app_4 new_google_app_5 new_google_app_6 new_google_app_7 new_google_app_9

As you can see, there is now color everywhere, even the microphone icon. As for Google Now, you can see the visual refresh with card organization, and there's also a swanky new animation when you swipe cards away. Elsewhere in the app, you'll notice a new icon in your launcher and the actual search screen now shows off the Google logo as well.

While some are sure to think it looks too cartoonish or childish, I personally find it refreshing. It's nice to finally see Google step out of the black and white world and try to be a little flashier. If you want to try the revamped Google App for yourself, we've got your APK down below.

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