The FLIR ONE infrared camera accessory is a gadget that few people have heard of and even fewer people really need. It's a cool little device that attaches to the MicroUSB port on your Android smartphone and transforms your device into a heat sensing camera. Ryan here at Android Police reviewed one a while back and came away pretty impressed.

I personally have absolutely no practical use for an infrared camera. That doesn't mean I don't want one! Getting to play with a thermal imaging camera would make me feel like a Mythbuster or James Bond (he's almost as cool as a Mythbuster). The only thing that has reduced my temptation to buy one is its rather exorbitant price. $250 is a pretty big chunk of cash to spend on a device that for many of us would be little more than a toy.

Well, the temptation grew a little stronger for me today when I saw that the FLIR ONE is currently on sale at Amazon. Right now you can pick one up for the slightly more reasonable price of $211. Is it enough to convince me to buy one? Not yet. But, it may be enough of a reason for you to buy one. After all, you may actually have a better use for it than imaging your aquarium to see which one of your fish is the hottest.

Screenshot 2015-09-01 at 6.13.18 PM

There is one major caveat to this deal though. The FLIR ONE is currently out of stock and isn't projected to ship for 1-2 months. But, hey, at least it will ship free! If you want to try one out for yourself follow the link below to order. If you are on the fence you should go ahead and order one, it looks like you will have a few weeks to cancel if you change your mind.

What would you do with a thermal camera? Tell us in the comments below.