We've received information from a reliable source detailing basic specifications for the upcoming 5.2" Nexus phone being produced by LG. First things first: we don't even know if Nexus 5 is the name. And because it's probably the most-wanted piece of information: we don't know excactly how much it will cost, other than to say it's likely it will be at a sub-flagship level. Does that mean $300? $400? $500? We really don't know, so your guess is as good as ours here.

Getting back to the major specifications, Qualcomm's Snapdragon 808 will be powering the whole show, and that's no real surprise - the 808 has been consistently rumored to feature in one of the two alleged upcoming Nexus phones. The 808 packs most of Qualcomm's cutting-edge LTE portfolio and other "flagship-level" features, but has only two high-powered A57 processing cores instead of the four found on the 810, in addition to four low-power A53 cores. The Adreno 418 GPU in the chip is respectable - its rated performance is roughly on par with last year's Adreno 420, featured in Snapdragon 805 devices like the Nexus 6 and Galaxy Note 4. The 808 will be paired with 3GB of RAM on this upcoming Nexus phone.

Moving to the display, we're being told it's a 5.2" full HD (1080p) panel - an interesting choice, indeed. The lower display resolution should cut back power consumption and keep the system running more smoothly and quickly generally, perhaps suggesting that Google is taking battery life at least somewhat seriously on this device. Modern 1080p LCD screens (then again, we don't know it's an LCD) also tend to look quite good when properly tuned, and given that LG is the manufacturer of the phone, it's possible they're also building some kind of trick IPS LCD display for it - but that's speculation. 5.2" and 1080p is all we know for now.

Speaking of power, the LG-made Nexus will indeed have a type C USB port, but we don't know if it's just a reworked USB2.0 configuration or an actual USB3 device. The battery is a 2700mAh pack, which may sound small today, but remember - the 5" Nexus 5 shipped with a tiny 2300mAh battery back in 2013, and even the Galaxy S6's battery isn't all that large, at 2550mAh. 2700mAh on a 5.2" device sounds solidly average, though that's likely to disappoint some Nexus fans if it doesn't come with a promise of greatly-improved power consumption characteristics.

The rear camera will use a 12.3MP sensor, and a 5MP sensor will be out front - unfortunately that's all the detail we can get on the cameras at this point.

On the list of slightly more mundane aspects we have storage - the phone will come in 16 and 32GB models only. Given that the price will be "sub-flagship," those tiers are at least understandable, if not necessarily ideal. The phone will also come in three colors: black, white, and blue.

As for when we can expect the phone? The end of September is probably a good bet, and that timeframe has been corroborated in the last week or so elsewhere, so we feel pretty good about that general area. But as with any Google product, delays could happen, so don't get your heart set on it - we'll only really know when the invitations to the launch finally go out.

That's all we've got for now, but we'll let you know if we hear any more exciting upcoming Nexus news.