Zoes are little video highlights that are similar to GIFs but tend to be longer, so don't call them that. The functionality launched as an HTC exclusive back in the days of the original HTC One. Then things opened up to other devices as the manufacturer expanded Zoe into a social network of sorts. Along the way some things changed, like the ability to create Zoes locally.

Well, Zoe 2.0 is now available in the Play Store, and it lets you create things on your device rather than using the cloud again. But, and this is a pretty decent but, you can only create Zoes locally on HTC devices.

On those HTC devices with 2.0 installed, users will now be able to create videos that are 3 minutes long, rather than 30 seconds. They can insert as many clips as they like, and there's the ability to trim them as necessary within the app.

What's New:

  • Create highlight videos locally on your phone without uploading.
  • Maximum length increased from 30 seconds to 3 minutes.
  • Include as many clips as you like within the 3 minute time limit.
  • Smart Trim. Toggling smart trim on/off enables video clips to be trimmed (3-5 seconds each) or to play in their entirety within the Zoe.
  • Login to download your existing Zoes from the cloud.

The option to download existing Zoes from the cloud has also appeared. If you're not using an HTC phone, reclaim your files quickly. According to the Play Store page, non-HTC phones only download existing Zoes through September 30th.

Developer: HTC Creative Labs
Price: Free