Do you have more money than sense, and also use Android phones? Then the $17,000 Apple Watch Edition isn't an option for you. You'll have to make do with the somewhat less insane (but still pretty ridiculous) LG Watch Urbane Luxe. It's a $1200 version of the Urbane with a nicer strap and 23k gold plated body.

The body shape and style is identical to the regular Urbane (aside from the gold), and the specs are unchanged. Admittedly, the new alligator leather band does look nice, and LG has not been good with bands in the past. This one comes with a deployment clasp, similar to what you get on the Smartwatch 3 or ZenWatch, but presumably nicer. It better be for $1200.


The LG Watch Urbane Luxe will be a limited edition device, with only 500 being made. Each one will have a serial number engraved on it so you'll know it's legit LG craziness. It's going to be available for pre-order in the US at jeweler Reeds later this month.

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