The upcoming, unnamed BlackBerry slider phone running Android has leaked almost completely at this point. The short version: it's an Android phone with some BlackBerry apps, services, and a freaking slide-out QWERTY keyboard. Because BlackBerry.

BlackBerry's keyboards were held in the highest esteem by "productivity-oriented" mobile users for years because of the comparative slowness of T9 and the general lack of software keyboards until the iPhone arrived on the scene. Even then, touchscreen keyboards had plenty of evolving left to do - support for advanced multitouch, swiping, auto-completion of words, and increasing overall speed and responsiveness.

But as touchscreen keyboards stopped... sucking, QWERTY keyboard slider and candy-bar phones quickly fell out of vogue, and BlackBerry devices themselves went off a sales cliff - a fall they've never really recovered from.

The codename "Venice" slider phone is fairly unremarkable standard high-end Android phone fare - a 5.4" Quad HD display, 3GB of RAM, and a Snapdragon 808 suggest a premium positioning for the device, and BlackBerry MSRPs have never been particularly low.

So, that brings us to this weekend's poll: do you still have any interest in a QWERTY slider smartphone? Or have the likes of SwiftKey, Swype, and/or the Google Keyboard sufficiently satisfied your need for quick and accurate text entry at this point?

Would you have any interest in an Android phone with a physical keyboard?

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