Music and social media go together like teenagers and places their parents don't know about. Music became such a big part of MySpace, it inspired the likes of SoundCloud. Music videos regularly rack up the most views on YouTube. Chances are, your favorite artists have a Twitter account.

Musicians have used Vine as another way to get themselves noticed and share their music with a new generation. Now Vine intends to help them out. Today it's launching Snap to Beat, an easier way to toss together seamless perfect loops.


The feature helps users visualize the best point to loop a song and trim the audio clip inside the app. Alternatively, you can turn off Snap to Beat and trim sound however you wish.

You don't have to supply your own audio. When you tap on a music note, you can select featured songs from well-known artists to use as background for your Vines. And when you're viewing someone else's Vines, you can tap the musical note to see the name of the song that's playing.


Vine is calling its new music focus Music on Vine. While you wait for the updates to roll out, you can read up more at the source links below.

Developer: Twitter, Inc.
Price: Free