The number of people activating Android devices continues to grow, because this summer we've watched as a number of Android apps have passed the billion installs milestone. The latest app to hit this goal is Play Music. This makes it the fifteenth to get on the list.

Google has made numerous additions to Play Music since launching the service in 2011. Users went from storing their personal collections online and buying individual albums to streaming whatever they wanted using All Access subscriptions. These days you can start personalized radio stations that suit your mood. You can also sign-up to stream music for free.

As always, this accomplishment doesn't tell us how many people are actually using Play Music or the number of folks who went out of their way to install the app from the Play Store. All we know is that one billion devices, most likely with the app pre-installed, have been activated.

Play Music follows the likes of Play Games and Google Talkback, both of which joined the club a week or so ago. Before that were Chrome and Hangouts. Play Movies and Newsstand are the only two Play apps left. You can expect either one to get an invite soon.

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