Instagram has a reputation. It's true. Whether it's the users who constantly snap pictures of their food or the ubiquitous use of filters, something immediately comes to mind when someone mentions the social network. One major aspect of its identity, for better or worse, is about to disappear. Instagram will no longer exclusively support square imagery.

That's right, ladies and gentlemen, Instagram is finally acknowledging that cameras don't take pictures in squares. Yes, cropping is a thing, but good cropping is also part of taking a decent shot in the first place. It can be a pain to have to crop things down again. Now photographers are free from the struggle.

Going forward, users will be able to upload photos in both portrait and landscape. And those videos? Yes, this change applies to them as well.

Squares aren't going away. You can still choose this format if you like. Also, all images will show up on your profiles as squares until you expand them out. This way the site keeps a uniform look.

The change is taking place in version 7.5, which is launching today. You can keep an eye out for the update in the Play Store below.

Developer: Instagram
Price: Free+