Whispering Willows is the kind of game we'd like to see more of on any platform. The art style alone shows how much care and attention the designers approached the game with. That it happens to be fun is almost a perk.

The hand-drawn experience centers on Elena, a girl who can project her spirit outside of her body. Controlling her astral projection to solve puzzles forms the crux of the gameplay.

WhisperingWillows2 WhisperingWillows3 WhisperingWillows4The Kickstarter-funded game, having launched in May of last year, is currently for Windows and Mac with a $10 price tag. You can also find it on the latest line of consoles along with the Ouya. But this marks your chance to get it for cheap. From now until September 9th, Night Light Interactive is selling the game in the Play Store for $5, a 50% discount.

available on Steam

Whispering Willows may be better suited to a tablet, but you're welcome to install it on your smartphone as well. Still, you may want to fire the game up on an NVIDIA SHIELD device or hook up a Bluetooth controller for the best experience.

Whispering Willows
Whispering Willows
Developer: Akupara Games
Price: $4.99