In an apparent effort to boost app discoverability and engagement, it looks like Google is rolling out a beautiful new layout for "apps" search results on mobile. Doing a quick search for pretty much anything followed by the word "apps" will get you a grid of app results above the normal search results, each block colored according to the app's icon. Clicking the "expand" button opens up the grid, with more results smoothly flowing in. Check it out in motion below.

Worth noting is that these results seem to only appear on Android for now - the download numbers and ratings of course reflect Play Store stats, and each block will take you to the relevant Play Store listing.

Trying the same searches on an iPhone for instance yields a card with a list of apps, each app linking to its own listing in the App Store. Whether these fancy new results will come to other platforms is yet to be seen.

We've received numerous reports of this new design appearing over the past couple of days, and my own devices started showing it just before writing this post. The new layout does push normal links all the way off the canvas on phones, but it's definitely nice to look at.

Thanks Connor, Adam, and Deepak!