Android TV still has some growing up to do, but the SHIELD is by far the best piece of hardware to run Google's new living room software. This device was conspicuously absent from the Google Store, but that changes today in the US. It still costs the same $199 for 16GB and $299 for 500GB.

The SHIELD runs the super-powerful Tegra X1 ARM processor, 2GB of RAM, and has all the ports you could ever need (ethernet, full USB 3.0, etc.). In addition to the standard Android content, NVIDIA has its GRID gaming service built-into the SHIELD so you can stream AAA games direct from the cloud. This service is free for a few more weeks while NVIDIA decides how to sell it. If you've got an NVIDIA-powered gaming rig, you can also stream games from that.

Google lists both versions of the SHIELD, which come with a single game controller. You have to buy additional controllers ($59.99), the sleek little remote ($49.99), and the stand ($29.99) separately. They are all in stock and shipping right now.

Canada too, apparently

The Google Store G+ account seems to think it's available in Canada too. The support pages don't agree, but okay.