In most games you can see where you're going, but you can't in Ember's Journey. If that sounds like a problem, don't fret. It's actually part of the game. You must navigate the levels using only the light produced by your small, light box avatar. Hiding in the dark you'll find puzzles and many, many ways to die.

If you could see the entire level in Ember's Journey, it would probably be a very basic platformer. There are walls to leap over and pits to fall into. The trick is that you have to pay attention to the subtle details revealed in the darkness as you get close. Is that a bottomless pit or a small drop? Only one way to find out.

Your goal is to reach the glowing exit marker, the only other source of light in the level. There are 76 levels to be explored with a myriad of tricky layouts and puzzles. Ember's Journey costs $1.99 right now, which is 50% off the full price for today only.

Ember's Journey
Ember's Journey
Developer: EncovApps
Price: $0.99