Alright, the Chromecast may not rank high on the list of devices you're waiting to catch a deal on. $35 isn't the kind of price that has you setting aside paychecks. A kid could get one relatively quickly just by saving up their allowance.

But what if you could get one for $20? That's nearly half off, and the price is low enough to be well into the impulse buy category. Really, what other tech product can you spend so little on and get so much use out of in return? Okay, maybe a 4-port USB Quick Charger 2.0 car charger.

These units are refurbished, and admittedly, the $4 shipping that Groupon wants does poo-poo on this deal a little bit. But $24 is still $10 less than picking a Chromcast up in person. What do you say? Whatever it is, you only have a limited time to say it before the deal is gone. Note that Groupon won't ship to Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, or Canada. This is presumably only for folks in the continental US.

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  • Kenny Lau